Lending Mojo Advertising Disclosure

Lending Mojo, LLC ("Lending Mojo") is a technology and advertising platform that matches you with Lending Partners ("Lending Partners") that may choose to make you a pre-qualified loan offer. Lending Mojo matches you to Lending Partners based on information you provide in the loan inquiry form and Lending Partners’ product and underwriting requirements and standards. Lending Mojo’s loan inquiry form is not a loan application and you must complete a loan application with one of our Lending Partners prior to getting a loan.

Lending Mojo’s matching platform is free for you. Lending Mojo is compensated by our Lending Partners if you obtain a loan from our Lending Partners. Our Lending Partners may charge an origination or similar fee to you for issuing a loan and all such fees are clearly disclosed by our Lending Partners as part of the loan documentation and Truth-in-Lending disclosures that will be provided to you by our Lending Partners.

Lending Mojo is not a lender and does not make credit decisions or evaluate consumers’ creditworthiness. Lending Mojo does not display offers from all Lending Partners or all products available from all providers of personal loans.

Lending Partner rates and terms change periodically. As of February 1, 2018, Lending Mojo’s Lending Partners offered loans with annual percentage rates (“APR”) as low as 4.99%. This is the lowest rate offered and assumes a loan size of $5,000 with a two-year term. This rate requires you to have an excellent credit score and a strong consumer credit profile as determined by our Lending Partners. Rates and loan terms vary based on a variety of factors including your state of residence, credit score, credit history and financial profile. Our Lending Partners offer products with a range of APRs and only borrowers with excellent credit are eligible for the lowest rates. You may not be matched with any of our Lending Partners. Our Lending Partners may not offer loans in some states and may offer loans of different sizes in different states.